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Not Your Average Runner, A Running Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

Join me on the podcast this week to discover what might be going on for you on those days when you’re just not feeling it, and why the idea that you’re only letting yourself down might not actually be true.

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Aug 20, 2020

Listen in this week as I show you what it means to truly own your results and how you can start doing this. You always lose out when you believe your excuses, and I’m sharing the work required to take responsibility for yourself and how doing this will turn you into an unstoppable badass.

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Aug 13, 2020

Join me today as I share my four-step method that will help you put your exercise consistency plan in place. This is going to help you exhaust your brain of every single occurrence that could prevent you from going out and running, and you’ll soon become the person who never lets her bullshit excuses lead to quitting...

Aug 6, 2020

Join me today as I lay out all the benefits of exercising consistently for your body and your mind. I’m sharing some reasons for why you might want to start doing it, and some objections that could be coming up for you that are holding you back from making it a routine. Make sure to listen all the way to the end as I...