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Not Your Average Runner, A Running Podcast

Jan 25, 2024

Welcome back to the Run Your Best Life interview series, where I talk to experts in the field on issues affecting Gen X women.

Today I am talking about diet culture and body acceptance in your 40s and 50s with the amazing Pam Moore.  Pam is an Occupational Therapist turned award-winning Intuitive Eating Coach and Journalist. She has written for the Washington Post, Runner's World, Self, among many others.

Pam is also the creator of the Real Nourished newsletter, where she shares evidence-based tips to help women detach their weight from their worth. She is also the host of the Real Fit podcast, which features conversations with women athletes about body image, enoughness, and more.

Tune in today as we explore the impact of diet culture and what to do if you want to lose weight or simply feel better in your body without getting caught in diet mentality.

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