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Not Your Average Runner, A Running Podcast

Feb 1, 2024

Hello, my friends and welcome back to the Run Your Best Life series where I talk to experts in the field on issues affecting Gen X women. Today I'm chatting with the absolutely fabulous Deb Malkin about the aches and pains that sometimes come with aging and how to make it easier on yourself.

Deb is a feminist and a Master Certified Mind Body Coach who specializes in using the tools of neuro- and bio- plasticity and consciously curious hypno-coaching to help people unlearn pain and the emotional stress symptoms that come along with it in order to feel better and pursue their amazing lives.

Deb has helped clients recover from back pain, migraines, Fibromyalgia, GI pain and more.  If you are dealing with chronic pain, you're definitely going to want to tune in to this episode.

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